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WIPE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reboot.

Good morning Everyone!

One month and one day after my last entry, I reappear to post the fact that I have spent the month in a complete relapse.  No water, no food planning, nothing except holding on by the tips of my fingernails to the accomplishment of having cut down on eating breakfast at McDonald’s every morning.  I think, in surfing terms, that would qualify as a wipe out!

Wipe Out!

Wipe Out!

Now, part of me wants to begin the litany:  Why even start back?  You know you’ll fail again.  In fact, what kind of person is it who can’t even manage to keep three or four little goals a day?  You”re just a loser.  In fact, you’re such a loser that you might just as well go eat a chocolate cake since you’re never going to succeed with this…. etc, etc, etc.  to the point that, if I listened, I could convince myself that due to the fact that I didn’t drink 32 ounces of water a day for the past month, I am going to end up destitute, homeless and living out of a shopping cart begging for food!

Surf board, car, starting again

Starting Again!

Isn’t it funny how hard we can be on ourselves?  If a good friend came to me and told me that she had just managed to not meet her goals for a month, would I even consider saying that (or even thinking that) about her?  Of course not!  What I would tell my friend is that everyone makes mistakes and fails to meet goals from time to time, that I know she is capable of meeting her goal and that what she needs to do is that if she wants to keep those goals, simply wipe the slate clean from last month and begin again, taking it just a day at a time and that if there is anything she needs that I can help her with, to please tell me.

Starting against, surfing, catching a wave

Starting Again 2! I approach a wave….

So why am I willing to treat myself worse than I would treat my friend?  Good question – one that I suspect requires both a diagnosis and years of therapy – but – here’s the best news of the day so far – I don’t have to know WHY to fix the issue!  Instead, I can choose, today, to treat myself as I would my good friend, and remind myself that everyone makes mistakes, everyone fails to meet goals from time to time, that I CAN do this and that I am going to wipe the slate clean from last month and try again starting today.  In other words, to be sure I mix at least one metaphor properly in this post, I am going to remount my surf board by rebooting my mind.

Reboot keys


And, by the way, I am going to say to my self  – “Self!  Did you notice that you have continued to keep the progress from last month on the issue of not eating breakfast out?”  My Self should then answer, “Why, you’re correct!  I have NOT noticed that I have at least one goal that I have continued to maintain.”  This means that even though last month qualifies as a wipe out, I at least managed to hold on to the board!

And off we go once more!

So here I stand up again and shoulder my duties/desires once more.  This week, from today through next Wednesday, July 18, to work towards my goal of being healthier, I am choosing to drink 32 ounces of water a day, eat breakfast at home except on the one travel day that I foresee this week, and weigh myself.

Time to begin the adventure again!  Who’s with me?

Have a great day!


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Time to Step It Up A Notch (Sort of)

Good morning Everyone!

I did manage to meet my goal of drinking 32 ounces of water a day last week, although sometimes it was just by the skin of my teeth.  And, to be honest, most of the time I drank it all at once quickly either late in the afternoon or with dinner, which probably isn’t the way it helps you the most.  But at least I met  the goal!

Balloons, Ribbons


Eating breakfast at home suffered a trifle, but I still ate at a fast food place much less (only twice) than I did than before I worked on that goal for a week or two.  And I did manage to skip the chocolate chip cookie snack that I used to get with it.

How do I feel?  Not too very different from when I started this adventure.  This point is where patience needs to kick in and I have to remind myself of many different tried and true (ie., trite) sayings such as “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  I have no right to expect to feel any different yet, since my grand total of goals met is two, but the part of me that really doesn’t like change is starting to whisper in my ear that if I don’t feel any different now, I won’t later, that sooner or later I will give up on this so why not just go ahead and stop now, and various other such “helpful” statements.

Bad Voice/Good Voice

So I am going to choose today and every other day not to believe that whisper, even when it grows to a shout (and sooner or later it will).  Instead, I am going to focus on the fact that I can make these changes I am working on, and that even one change kept persistently will make a difference.  I also acknowledge that I will have times when I might miss a goal (the voice gets really loud then), but that if I do, I just need to climb back up on the wagon and keep going.

Sigh.  If only it were as easy to do it as it was to write it.  I still choose to keep trying, anyhow.

Now on to this week’s goal(s).  I have so far kept to one goal a week, but this week is unusual for a number of reasons, the biggest being that I am going to have to be out of town from Wednesday afternoon through Sunday morning.  (Don’t feel too sorry for me – I am going to be at a conference, but it is at the beach.)

I thought about it a lot this weekend, and have decided to include more than just one goal this week.  It shouldn’t task me too much, as you will see.

So without further ado (fan fare please), here are the goals for this week.

1)  Drink 64 ounces of water a day.  (64 ounces equals 8 8 ounce glasses, the minimum recommended amount.)  To accomplish this goal, I am going to have to get in some water drinking throughout the day rather than all at once.

2)  For the first time since I started this blog, I am going to weigh myself and record the weight in a log somewhere.  I immediately promise to not talk badly to myself when I see the number on the scale.  To accomplish this goal I also will need to remember to either bring the scale from our old house to our new house (we’ve been moving) or to buy a new one.  (If I buy a new one, you can rest assured that it will not be the newfangled scale that obligingly posts your weight on Twitter for all to see!)


Calendar for Planning

3) I am going to plan my meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday breakfast and lunch.  (After that, I will be at the seminar).

4) I am going to follow the plan on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  (Important point!).

So take THAT, negative voice.  All you’ve accomplished is getting me to “step it up a notch,” at least for a few days!

If anyone else is out there trying some health improvement efforts, I sure would love to hear from you!  I know some of you are reading this (Thanks Mom!) just from the numbers, but part of the fun of blogging is when you start to communicate with others.   If you’re too busy to comment, I understand; thank you for stopping by anyhow.

To your health!


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Drinking Water

Good morning Everyone!

This post is just a quick update on my water goal for the week.  I set the goal on Tuesday of drinking 32 ounces of water a day, and so far I have met the goal on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I am especially proud of making my goal Wednesday and Thursday because I was strongly tempted to just let it slide, not having started my water consumption by the time I got home from work those two days, but persevered and drank my water anyhow.

Do I feel different for drinking the water?  To be honest, no, not really, but then it’s only day three, after all.  I did notice that on the first day, once I started drinking water, I was very thirsty for even more water.  That didn’t happen on days two and three.  I also noticed that 32 ounces of water is not nearly as much as it sounds like.

For the record, I am not yet able to leap tall buildings with a single bound but I am hopeful.  Maybe it takes more than three days for that effect to kick in!

To your health!


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A Dangerous Point

Good morning Everyone!

Today I reached a very dangerous point, one I always reach fairly quickly in the weight loss process.

Having reached and exceeded by one day my goal of eating breakfast at home every day for a week, I have acquired a “been there, done that, checked it off” feeling which often leads me to stop trying to do anything else about weight loss or even keep up with the goal I just met.  (I often have this feeling once I get the first five pounds off, too.)  Besides being aware of it, and struggling against it, I am not too sure how else to overcome it.  If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Water, Swimming pool

I do need to set a new goal for this week, and I have already selected it – this week and next, I am going to be working on my water intake.  Water is one of the secret ingredients to weight loss that I often overlook.  Water flushes toxins out of your system, replenishes the fluid in your body and allows you to leap tall buildings with a single bound, apparently, if you drink enough of it.

Super Mom

Drinking Water is Super Mom’s Secret Potion!

The “experts,” whoever they are, recommend at least 8 8 oz. glasses of water a day, which, for those of you challenged in math, equates to 64 ounces of water a day.  It sounds like a lot of water to drink, but I have found that once I start to drink water I tend to want more water, so it’s not as hard a goal to reach as you might think.

However, I am going to start by wading, not diving in, to this whole water thing simply to keep up with the “easy does it” nature of this particular weight loss effort.

Accordingly, the goal which I am announcing for this week is the goal to drink the equivalent of 4 8 ounce glasses of water a day.  The experts say that at least half of your daily water intake can be stuff other than just water, but for now at least, I am going to be a purist and stick with just water to meet my goal.

Water Cooler, water

Will I do it?  Will the three floor walk down and up the steps to the water cooler prove too much for me?  Can I concentrate on maintaining last week’s goal while starting this new one?  Can I learn to eyeball 8 ounces of water?  For answers to these questions and more, tune in next week, same time, same channel – or follow me on Twitter to see day-to-day postings on how I’m doing and spare yourself the suspense!

Have a happy, healthy week!


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Breakfast IS the Most Important Meal of the Day

Good morning Everyone!

I thought today about eating breakfast from a drive through on my way to Birmingham but remembered my goal this week and nixed the idea.

Bagel, Peanut Butter

What I should have had for breakfast yesterday but didn’t

Yesterday, I only made my goal by essentially skipping breakfast.  The 1 spoonful of peanut butter I caught on the way out the door and the dinner roll I snatched to eat on the way to work just didn’t cut it.


Energy Levels Plummeted

Not a wise move.  The last time I missed breakfast was, well, perhaps never, and I prefer not to miss it again.  I stayed hungry all day, even after I had a decent lunch and supper, and my energy levels at night were even worse then they normally are.  I don’t think I’ll be trying that again.

There is a lot of research out there about the importance of breakfast, and I could share it with all of you, but if, like me, you have been working on losing weight on and off for a while you already know what it is going to say.  Eating breakfast is a very important part of weight loss and being healthy.


Avoiding those three chocolate chip cookies from McDonald’s every day probably helps too.

Have a great day!


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I want to lose weight.

Actually, that statement is not quite true.  What I really want is to go to bed one night and wake up the next morning about 95 pounds lighter and looking like Sophia Loren, or Cote de Pablo, the actress that plays Ziva David on NCIS, and stay that way while I eat as many chocolate donuts, candy and cake  as I want.

NCIS, Ziva, Cote De Pable

Cote De Pablo from NCIS

It has occurred to me, after a couple of years of studying it, that it ain’t going to happen that way.  It’s just not.  And unfortunately, I am one of those people who have to do everything “right” in order to start losing weight.  By “right” I really mean I have to follow the complete package – food, exercise, lots of water, you name it.


Where I prefer to sit!

I also am singularly unmotivated to put in the effort and time required for the full lifestyle change that losing weight and then continuing to stay at a healthy weight and have good health habits (translate that to “eat right and keep exercising”) permanently requires.  I am, however, very motivated to write.

So, I have decided to combine the two in this blog.

Pen, writing, blog

The idea is that I will publish at least one post a week, in which I will set forth my goal for the week, or share any useful information that I may have come up with during the week, or observations or whatever.  I also have a Twitter feed in the side bar where I can share “tweets” about temptations or observations or times when I have to make a choice related to my weekly goal.  That way, people interested in this new blog won’t get multiple posts in one day if I am having a particularly challenging day, but I still can share my thoughts with those who may be interested (and I freely admit that the pool of those interested may be a set of one – myself – but you never know).

I thought I’d start off with a really simple goal this week – eat breakfast at home every day.  By changing my customary driving breakfast of two-plain-biscuits-with-grape-jelly- and-three-chocolate-cookies-please at McDonald’s (the cookies are really for snack later) to the bagel/bread and peanut butter that I also like, I will save both money and calories.  Let’s see how I do!

Have a great day everyone!



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